Borrowed lyrics for "Waiting for Dawn"

Sinne Eeg, Danish jazz singer (and a wonderful one, too) has this song on her album of the same name:

Waiting for dawn

You must be asleep by now
Must be asleep by now
I wonder how long
I've played this song

The candle burned out long ago
You must be asleep by now
I wonder what you're dreaming now
I'm picturing you
beyond the blue

Just a while before I'll let you go
There's a long long way
From this dark lonely evening
To the morning light in China
gently kissing your eye
There's a long long way
There's a long long way
I'm wondering how far a
morning kiss can fly

I should be asleep by now
I should be asleep by now
I'm drinking this wine
- both yours and mine
while searching for you in the sky

There should be a moon by now
should have lit up the sky by now
I wonder if you
will think of me too
when the night returns will you cry?

There's a long long way
From this dark lonely evening
To the morning light in China
gently kissing your eye
There's a long long way
There's a long long way

I hope Sinne Eeg will forgive me for posting it here - otherwise I'll drop it, surely. But I wanted to post it for Teuchter to read and maybe share with her husband who is indeed in China.

(see Sinne Eeg's website for samples of her lovely music)

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And sometimes I bloody well know!

Refers to this one.

Today, 6 was 9 did the trick. "Drop dead beautiful". Yeah.

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Sometimes I believe music is saving my life




Runrig in Copenhagen




Show was a lot better than the photo quality would indicate. The venue – Store Vega – actually is very nice. Old union hall, dark-panelled walls. Good sound, I think and as it only seats (stands? – only seats in the rear part of the balcony) about 1500, it has a nice atmosphere.

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I miss LP covers

I just realised this the other day. The 30 x 30 cm format just had a lot more graphical detail than a CD or the wee – albeit nice – picture on my iPod.

And yes, I do like carrying 2770 songs better on the iPod than on 250 LPs.

I’d have liked to post some images – but the ones I had in mind needed both front and back cover, ideally folded out, to show well.

C.V. Jørgensen’s “Solgt til Stanglakrids” was the one that trigged my mind to this. Here’s the front:

CV Jørgensen Solgt til Stanglakrids cover

The hand on the back is something else, though. But alas I can’t find an image or, for that matter, figure out how I get 30x30 cm in my scanner.

But the format was nice, wasn’t it?

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Old - but still very, very good!

Rumours. Fleetwood Mac.


(just listening to Gold Dust Woman)



Tell me what you listen to...

...and I'll shake my head in amused silence ;)

To be fair and let you return the favour by flapping your arms with an exasperated look on your face, this is the list of music that entertained me and made me quite content and happy on the way to work this morning:

  • Never going back again, Fleetwood Mac (Rumours)
  • Similar features; Melissa Etheridge (The road less travelled; Greatest Hits)
  • Don't get me wrong; Pretenders (?)
  • Davy's on the road again, Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Watch)
  • Kayleigh, Marillion (Misplaced Childhood)
  • The best of times; Styx (Paradise Theatre)

Not much of a common theme to them - except maybe showing my age. Or can you make up a better red thread through them?



What a piece of music can do

Walking home through city streets
on a summer morning
Early. And late.

An early morning
could also be called a late night
But the sun is up, warming me
So I call it a morning

A late summer morning
could also be called early autumn
But the sun is there, warming me
So I call it a late summer

The morning is brilliant
turning water to gold, bathing hard stone in softness
speaks of the good day to come
Yet in the light
lingers the remnants of a wonderful night

The rays of sun, golden and warm
whispers about a summer so good
but also of autumn to come with leaves turning red

After the joyful bliss of summer
I don't know if it is you or I who is leaving
But we are
And we know
And it’s fine

I am ready for the changing season
for the change in life, our lives
I am happy with the summer that was
All the sun that will forever shine within me

We will always remember this summer
With fondness
Knowing that it was and will forever be
An affair to remember

- - - - -

That came out of one piece of music - "An affair to remember", the Lynne Arriale trio from the "Live at Montreux" album. Of all places, in the car - in relatively solid morning queues on the Motorring 3 North, on my way to work.

I'd recognised Lynne Arriale's piano playing and looked down at the iPod* to get the title. Half a minute into the tune the thought struck me "Bob! That is exactly what she plays!"

All the sights, sensations and emotions of the piece I put together above came out of that piano tune. I was furiously turning sentences over in my mind, lamenting the fact that I couldn't get them down on paper - or screen - in the car.

Getting into the office, I just had to get it down in words - and there it is, as near as I could do it.

And you can say that my experience with Lynne Arriale playing that song certainly is an affair I will remember :)

*Don't worry - I don't drive with earbuds... The iPod plays via the car radio...

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