A Milwaukke tip!

I can - after a severely good experience - wholeheartedly endorse The Milwaukee Ale House as a very good place to go for a bite to eat and a - bit bigger - swig of really good ale :)

Spent a good part of this Thursday night there - very well entertained by Random Maxx's very capable rock.

Got an evening to spend in these parts - just go there!


A foreigner in election times

Being in the US just now as a foreign visitor is a wee bit of a strange experience. USAians are normally open and easy to get to talk to - but it seems that they are more willing than normal to get talkative.

They mainly want to hear what somebody like me thinks about a) Bush, b) the issues much discussed here, mostly Iraq, c) telling why one or the other of the candidates is going to win or d) all of the above.

I do try to give my opinions in a way that respects differences and follow all the etiquette of a sober discussion. But I must also admit that I do not try to hide my - or indeed the common European (I believe) - wish to see an administration change over here.

And I am happy to say that, in contrast to some of the GOP rants I have seen on the 'net, people I have talked to has responded in kind - whether thay have been agreeing or not.

The Electoral Vote Predictor today has Kerry up 271:257. Personally, I hope that holds up until Nov 2.




That's all folks. For now, at least...

[Listening to: Nubian Fräuleins - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (2:48)]