He looks tired!

I love this one:


It’s from a ChangeThis manifesto by Jessica Hagy who masters the art of capturing many of life’s - maybe especially work life’s – schizmas.

I’m quite happy, by the way, that I do not do 7 am meetings. Except with the family around the kitchen table for breakfast.

Go see the rest of it here – it’s well worth it!



Teotihuacan pictures

Sorry about the lousy quality. Who left his camera back in the hotel?

Teotihuacan01 Pyramid of the Sun

Pyramid of the Sun from a little bit of distance

Teotihuacan02 - just before the ascent

Getting closer, time to think of those steps

Teotihuacan03 - it's steep going up towards the sun!

It's steep going up towards the sun! I was thinking “am I that out of shape” and then realised I’d gone from sea level in Denmark to 2270 m. That made the 247 steps (I didn’t count for once) a puffing experience.

Teotihuacan04 - Pyramid of the Moon

Pyramid of the Moon as seen from (the top of the Pyramid of ) the Sun.



January sunrise



I miss LP covers

I just realised this the other day. The 30 x 30 cm format just had a lot more graphical detail than a CD or the wee – albeit nice – picture on my iPod.

And yes, I do like carrying 2770 songs better on the iPod than on 250 LPs.

I’d have liked to post some images – but the ones I had in mind needed both front and back cover, ideally folded out, to show well.

C.V. Jørgensen’s “Solgt til Stanglakrids” was the one that trigged my mind to this. Here’s the front:

CV Jørgensen Solgt til Stanglakrids cover

The hand on the back is something else, though. But alas I can’t find an image or, for that matter, figure out how I get 30x30 cm in my scanner.

But the format was nice, wasn’t it?

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