His first!

A few weeks ago, Corto came home from a walk more proud than usual:

His first pigeon, indeed.

This one was very recently deceased (no, it wasn't merely resting ;). No sign of external damage or anything. So we used it for training for a day or two, kept refridgerated of course when not in use.

It's actually a bit mystery with the pigeons around - they seem to have fallen out of the sky in scores. Corto has probably found half a dozen - some in parts, edrwww - in the forests around and we found a second completely undamaged (apart from being dead) in the front garden some days after this one...

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Working on creating a new look...

I checked into this hotel in the Netherlands this morning - actually, they scored a big plus by having a room available for me at 9am so I didn't have to put my luggage in some hold and get a room by 3pm :)

In the room there's this wee flyer describing their current renovation efforts:
"Try to imagine a hotel.. with beautiful restaurants (...) Warm colours, natural materials, modern facilities. All with an "eye for details"

I wonder if they had the idea by looking out of the windows on the way to the 1400s-wing:

Not the very most inspiring view - or anywhere near beautiful, is it? ;)

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That'll teach the spammers!

From 's blog, apparently plaqued by the ubiquitous rats of electronic communications (no insult intended - to the rats!):

I propose that all spammers — e-mail spammers, comment spammers, any spammer at all — be subjected to the three Bs: Beaten with a baseball bat, Buggered ... go read the rest!

I usually suggest a remedy proposed by a friend from university - at a time where Spam was still in cans and lauded in song by Monty Python: Tie them up in bundles of six and roll them into the harbour (more precisely, in Gasværkshavnen - but you have to be a Dane to know where that is ;)



My Peculiar Aristocratic Title

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Lord Ole the Recumbent of Hopton Goosnargh
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Now, it does have a ring to it :)

Thanks to Az