Experienced travellers and local food

Having travelled over much of the globe - though not yet anywhere near all of it (Africa, look out - we're soon on our way :),it is always a pleasure to find and read other traveller's experiences.

This one is telling about experiences in Norway. While this a destination that may not be seen as too exotic for a Danish blog author, it had me in absolute hysterical laughter.

Especially the bit with ketcup on the KitKat :)

Very, very well written. Go read for yourself: The Power of Lutefisk by Clay Shirky


This was fun!

So, when visiting Milwaukee last week, I did go to my first ever NBA game, seeing the Milwaukee Bucks. From a Danish point of view -

  • the beer was about the same as you'd get on the benches to a Danish football (that is soccer to USAsians ;) game

  • the atmosphere was a big subdued during the first two quarters - but did it pick up at the end! :)

  • Several of us liked all the white-dressed players with '05' on the back :-P

And the Bucks won 91-86. Yay!