Is it a flying saucer?

No, unfortunately something entirely more mundane... Taken from the new Copenhagen Opera towards the City on an otherwise very rainy Friday evening, the sun suddenly came through.

In reality, the light seemed much less focused and cast a warm glow over much more of the scenery - the not-too-good optics of my phone camera obviously thought that a flying saucer was a much more interesting story to tell.

After taking the picture, we turned 180° and went in to hear a very good Tosca. But that's another story entirely.


Tell me what you listen to...

...and I'll shake my head in amused silence ;)

To be fair and let you return the favour by flapping your arms with an exasperated look on your face, this is the list of music that entertained me and made me quite content and happy on the way to work this morning:

  • Never going back again, Fleetwood Mac (Rumours)
  • Similar features; Melissa Etheridge (The road less travelled; Greatest Hits)
  • Don't get me wrong; Pretenders (?)
  • Davy's on the road again, Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Watch)
  • Kayleigh, Marillion (Misplaced Childhood)
  • The best of times; Styx (Paradise Theatre)

Not much of a common theme to them - except maybe showing my age. Or can you make up a better red thread through them?




No, not the movie - a real "live" one (if you can call it that):

Nowadays, it's placed as a stepping stone right outside our Garden door - but it's origins are rather historical. Danish writer Gustav Wied, in his "Skirmishes" ("Skærmydsler") from 1901 has two characters, Aunt One and Aunt Two. In the real world, these were Hertha and Clara - and were buried under this very stone.

Turns out that they were distantly related to my in-laws (one or the other, ermmmmm... ?) and thus, when the grave site had to be cancelled, they got the option of saving the stone. It served outside their garden door for a good number of years and when they moved, we got it offered and gladly installed it. And now it has brand new stony surroundings as we just had terraces and garden paths redone :)

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Corto is certainly growing :)

This week it has started looking as if somebody has pulled his legs - they're long! He's falling over them all the time, too :)




A picture from last year's summer camp that sort of retrieved itself. Taken quite late at night - Around Midnight or so - I think it came out very well. The persons are absolutely blackly (!) slihouetted against a gradient sky I couldn't have imagined painted better. It was that beautiful...