20 years...

Just got these -

20 years of holding hands. And I am ready to take on the next 20!

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Blog development - issue listing (1)

Good news: I have some of the ideas I need to develop Blog 1 to Blog N.

Not-so-good news: I need some thinking, learning & doing to move on.

On the list is:

  • A blog system that allows categories

  • Verifying that w.bloggar works with chosen system

  • Get new w.bloggar version

At least, the last one should be easy...

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Happy Dog!

Here's a thing that Castor - that's the dog there - really, really likes about winter:

But as it's a bit hard to tell what he loos like (black dogs are just so hard to photograph), here's an indoor one:

(yes, I know I should Photoshop those eyes - but it was a kinda late night last night...)

Fact sheet: Castor's an 11 year old flatcoat - who never realised he's become much more than 1½ years... :)

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Go read this!

This guy can write!

I was hit by uncontrolled hysterical laughter (a wee bit of a problem in an office setting) by "The Bladder Dialogs"

It's all here: Overcaffeinated.

(and - I was just the slightest bit envious and in awe of the writing skills. As well as a lot in awe over the web design skills!)


Beau-ti-ful !

Very beautiful. Brilliant, simple webdesign, good text.

What am I raving about? Stay awake

Hey wait - I could do this. Given that I had all the time in the world, I might get it right one day. In a week with two Thurdays.

Reminds self to start the necessary ATC*) work and learn more Photoshop and CSS stuff

*) A** (ie behind) to chair... ;)