A ray of light (experimental)

So, getting nearer to one of the original thoughts - I think - with blogging and me: expressing some creativity in web form:

Trying out Blogger's new Photo and text option (yay!)...

I know, I know - there's not much creativity linked to the picture yet. Things take time, as you'll know. If you don't, take heed:

Put up in a place
where it's easy to see
the cryptic admonishment
When you feel how depressingly
slowly you climb,
it's well to remember that
Things Take Time.
Grook by Danish Post and Scientist Piet Hein (1906-1996)

If you'd want for a story related to the forest image - try this for size: A Springtime Sensation


A random book quote

As seen on one of the webdesign page I follow via RSS feeds - Jason Santa Maria:

  • Grab the nearest book.

  • Open the book to page 23.

  • Find the fifth sentence.

  • Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

Here it is:
"Table 7 shows the average mineral salts composition"

Now, isn't that something to make your life a better one?

(BTW: Exactly how do you count the sentences? I chose the fifth of the sentences beginning on that page - there was also the last half of one beginning on p 22... Should I then have taken the sentence previous to the one above? Well - I didn't!)


So, no pictures

Apparently, Donald Rumsfeld has now forbidden the use of cameras in the US run zones in Iraq.

Did he just ever so slightly consider what signal this sends to the rest of the world? "Whether or not we make screw-ups or downright insane things is not the issue just now - let us make sure that no one can prove it!"

Doesn't this guy care one bit about what the rest of the world think of his country? "Don't give a s**t - as long as we know we're right" ??

Right he is - somewhere to the right of Djenghis Khan, if you ask me...

Maybe "somebody" over there would do well in reading this little grook by Danish poet Piet Hein:

The noble art of Losing Face
may one day save the Human Race
and turn into eternal merit
what weaker minds would call disgrace.

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Now, that's nice...

He: I could do with an easy evening, legs up, a good read, moderate amounts of alcohol...

She: Why moderate???



A small thumbs-up from me to me

It seems that the old analytical brain still works and copes with creating a good overall view of a business situation in relatively few seconds by connection neurons reaching different bits of diverse information :)

Good for self confidence - quite needed, too :)

A true blessing

Having real friends is just that.

Some friends simply - though by no means is it a simple thing - and truly make you feel at ease, happy, warm. Those are the ones you must cherish and try to repay in kind with all your heart.

My friends, you know who you are - and I trust that you know how much you mean and that you see in my eyes how much your friendship means to me.


They said yes :)

Congratulations to Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary on their wedding today!


Internet vs Nouvelle Cuisine

Obviously, Paris being what it is - and where I am - I surely had the option of going to a really nice restaurant and devouring some really nice food.

I probably could also find a somewhat cheaper restaurant with a very nice atmosphere and have a very decent meal ("Aux Assasins" in Rue Jacob springs to mind).

But - somehow I rarely do go restauranting when I'm on me own. Mostly because the best experience in restaurants are had when you share them with someone.

In this case, it was also because I reckon that very few of the above mentioned restaurants will have 802.11b wireless networks - as does the one I'm in just now, at the time of writing this (13/5; 20:42 CET).

Quite cool, actually - catching up with my online self this way.

And then - though it is a shame in this capital of capitals - I'll live with the fact that the restaurant is a ..... McDonalds.

But McInternet is really cool!

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Thoughts inspired by a landscape view

Blue hills in the distance, tying together two places, distant in both time and geography.

The first one Corsica, one September day in 1992. The other UK where it starts considering being Wales - a late spring Tuesday in 2004.

In almost all ways different, yet the view has those hills that takes over from the background. The first one dark blue - from there, the ridges turn lighter, paler, dustier blue, receding until they merge with the sky, barely making their presence visible to the eyes reclining on the terrace.

So much the same background - though one has a mountain island as the setting, the other a lush English garden and lawn.

So many good words.
To name but a couple.
Juxtaposed, too - but I wasn't sure that I'd use it correctly...

Interspersed with all this are the thoughts, joys, disappointments belonging to the present, the current, the here and now.

Like as if the present reaches back to make contact with the past - or is it the deja vues that line up to make themselves be seen?

Whatever it was, the veranda - in the present - was a nice place to sit and contemplate. And, as the few hours that were allotted to me in the vicinity of this second set of blue hills rapidly went by, my mind started fading in much the same way as the hills - not caring at all whether it was like those or these...

Created in real time on a Palm Tungsten E. Crossposted as soon as connections allowed on H2G2 and Blog1...


"I love life too much to be a CEO"

Said to me last night by a business colleague over a very, very good dinner in a small, cosy town in Holland.

Couldn't have said it better myself - and it came just after reading about some guy from Jyske Bank who was going abroad for two years and somewhat half-heartedly complained that due to the lack of democracy in his family, they weren't joining him. Well - they made their choice to be a family - he will have to live with his being away from them, then.


I had to try this...

Sometimes technology just teases me som much that I have to try it.

The way that my - not necessarily the - new Civ III CD is sitting in my backpack, urging me quietly to give it a whirl and get playing.

The way my homework just exactly is not...

The Email option to direct blog publishing was just too tempting. So with luck, the settings are done and this goes... pooof. :)

Whoa - been a while....


But that's life for you. Real life, that is. It took sitting down at a conference table in some office in some European country with an idle Internet connection to make me do some badly needed CPR to this blog.

The procedure succeeded - whether or not the patient will survive in the long run remains to be seen...

MovableType is threatening on the horizon - but maybe the revamping and the new features will counter that on behalf of the Blogger team who is currently the home team.

Or maybe I'll realise that I'm just not online organised enough to keep up a blog. After all, I only just discovered IM...