"The mist crawls from the canal like some primordial phantom of romance."
Walking in the mist, the old song line creeps into my mind. Not unlike the phantom itself.
What is primordial, I wonder? But the thought soon fades, grayed by the dew that hangs in the air.

Misty. Has a good sound to it, pleasant even. Can it be pleasant being misty? Sure. I think.
"I've heard it in a love song. I guess that melody was written just for me."

There is no canal for this mist to appear from. Just the train tracks. A train whistle points out that they are there for a reason.
Funny how some sounds care about the mist. Voices, shouting, some way away - dulled by the mist. Whereas the shrill whistling from the train cuts through the dampness like a ray of light.
A yellow ray, a sound like bright sunshine.

In the sun, things are sharp, movements clear, intentions are ... there for you to see.
In the mist, while the same things are quite obviously there, the movements seem less important. And intentions are something you need to feel.
You can see me, but everything seems a little blurred, like if the mist makes close ups a little more distant.
Inside the mist, I feel ... safe, maybe ... tranquil, I think is the best way of putting it.

"Bitter Suite i) Brief Encounter". Marillion.
"A Brand New Life". R Brecker/C Norby.

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A Hole in the Ground

So digging is supposed to be fun? If it is, I'll promise to tell the tale...


A Case of You

Done by Diana Krall on the Live in Paris DVD.

Absolutely fantastic!


Been away

Perusing the charms of Edinburgh. (Is that a word in proper English? And if so, is it used halfway correctly?)

Following that, just been busy fighting the small monsters of the house. And such.

And watching the rain.



Blinded By The Clouds

This morning - well, late morning as we were "delayed due to late incoming aircraft" - I had a strange experience.

Looking out of plane windows is something I've done quite a lot over the years. And, doing that, I have been blinded by sunlight, enjoyed mountain vistas, being unable to see anything but wet cotton - even having to put up with a blessedly out-of-focus reflection of my own face in the window when it's been pitch black on the outside.

But today I was blinded by the clouds.

Honestly. Absolutely true.

It was probably caused by the plane being very close to breaking out of the cloud cover into the brilliant sunshine so often found above the clouds. But the clouds were just so radiant, brilliant, so shining white that I had to shut my eyes, open them again, blink a few times and even then the small light-thingies remained dancing in front of my eyes for the next 10 seconds.

A wall of light. Beautiful. And startling in its differentness.


A good view on marketing

A good marketing view
In www.marketingprofs.com/3/young10.asp, a question & answer goes:

"Young: For you, personally, what does it mean to have respect as a marketer in an organization?

Strain: It’s a couple of things. As a marketer, it means that others believe that you understand the market and that you can appropriately represent the customer within the company. That’s the source of credibility.


So I think respect from a marketing standpoint is if the company feels the marketer understands the customer and can represent the customer in those conversations; that’s probably the most important thing that they can do. There are the strategic and the tactical marketing things that need to come into play, but if you’re able to really understand who your customer is and how they perceive your product and company, that’s the source of respect."

(Young: Roy Young; Strain: Matt Strain - please go to www.marketingprofs.com to read the whole interview)

"Appropriately represent the customer within the company". I like that :)

Professional Turmoil

Electrician (well, today maybe only electrician's purchaser), carpenter, webdesigner, only parent and blogger - all in one day. Most of them only temporary, though ;)

Not bad for one days work, methinks.

My design considerations were briefly mentioned in the opening post - get the hang of the templates, find out what styles, classes and IDs are used and put together a style sheet to make it look good. To my taste, at least.

Content considerations are another issue. Do I want to just link to my H2G2 musings? Something like this link... Do I want to cross-post? Should I keep one set - one style - of writing on my H2G2 Space and one here?


Before finding out, I think there may be a few existential rivers to cross, metaphorically speaking. Like - do I want to use these my outlets also as deliberate experiments into style, tone and voice of my writing? <headhurts> as I would have said on H2G2...

And *takes notes* I need to figure out how to add a functional Comment option...

All journeys start with the first step. They say.

Whoa - I believe I got though the initial steps of creating a blog, making a path and a file and changing the most necessary settings. Like time zone. And Such.

Of course, that all depended on changing the web site access from FP to FTP - such a small notational difference, such a big practical one.

Lets see how it goes. Once this blog finds its feet and stands on less shaky ground, it may be made obsolete and cast aside to make room for The Real One. Or it may not.

Lets see what the mood is like when we get to that point.

Next exercise will be getting the hang of templates. And how to completely change them ;)