Runrig in Copenhagen




Show was a lot better than the photo quality would indicate. The venue – Store Vega – actually is very nice. Old union hall, dark-panelled walls. Good sound, I think and as it only seats (stands? – only seats in the rear part of the balcony) about 1500, it has a nice atmosphere.

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Beam me up, Scotty

Blimey – they’re doing it! (well, still virtually – but gee does it look rather real)

See the video with someone from San Jose appearing on stage, chatting with and presenting on a stage in Bangalore, India.

I still remember our first colour TV and when I thought my red Walkman was the coolest thing on earth. Until I shattered it in a bicycle crash, but that’s another story. At least, being virtual. the worst thing that can happen to you is that you lose the connection.


Travel logistics going wrong

In a pictorial from a visit to Kuala Lumpur (some of the pics are quite nice - makes me wish I'd seen the city and surroundings insteda of dashing in to do meetings in Selangor and then back out), Guy Kawasaki notes -

Total time in KL: forty-five hours. Total time in transit: forty-five hours.
Something is wrong with this logic.

Oh yeah. Known feeling. *sigh*

Pictures and story are here: http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2008/05/forty-five-hour.html



Brilliant campsite

In the middle of Gribskov, there’s this fabulous campsite -



4 shelters with a total capacity of 40 people or so (a little more in the case of scouts ;) and the central covered fireplace. In addition, a big campfire place a little off – and an old-fashioned traditional loo, complete with a heart-shaped hole in the door, in the far corner.

The pictures were taken Sunday evening while dinner was being cooked after a good long day and 30 km hiking behind us.

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Casting a good spell


Had a tricky moment with ‘embarrassment’ but resisted the inclination to cheat and look it up and got it by the “this feels right” method…

(Thanks Az :)