It's begun :)

The spring, that is!

The mobile phone camera isn't my best. But there's a wee tree there - with green leaves on :)
I liked the silvery play of light in the water. And then Corto decided he wanted in, too.

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Go to the top of the list

According to the World Economic Forum, as reported by BBC, Denmark now heads the "Networked Readiness Index" - that is, we're now "regarded as the world leader in technological advancement".


Here's the top 10 (previous place):

1: Denmark (3)
2: Sweden (8)
3: Singapore (2)
4: Finland (5)
5: Switzerland (9)
6: Netherlands (12)
7: US (1)
8: Iceland (4)
9: UK (10)
10: Norway (13)

Now, ain't that something.

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Taxiing in Schiphol in March

Taxiing in a silver tube
moving over wet concrete
between red, blue and green lights
of which I understand nothing

Once more on the move
from where I am
to somewhere I am supposed to be

For a while

But here and now I'm suddenly thinking
like a ray of sun appearing through clouds
or a temple bell turning over silence
what for?

It's not that I don't know
or even doubt that I should
but more a -
- loss of certainty

Which makes me momentarily feel lost
out here between red, blue and green lights
of which I understand nothing
but that I am going there

As I always do.


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Follow the Blue Arrowed Road

...but which way?

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Quick and dirty IQ

I like the term "dirty IQ" ;)


Your IQ Is 120

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Above Average

I'm a little disappointed by my logical score. But hey - it's Monday morning and one that started by me having to do the spare tyre exercise...

I'm rather disappointed that I couldn't see my answers vs the right ones, though. Would make getting an Einstein good score on 2nd attempt a little easy, perhaps.

(as usual, I picked this up at az's)

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