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Not very good weather

In fact, I was swearing at it - in Swedish, even - when walking from the
car to the office building this morning. Wet, windy, gray and dreary enough
for the foliage to lose it's autumn luster.

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Teaching an old dog new tricks

Yeah, it’s possible.

I’ve been using PowerPoint for years (and no, I do not do Japanese Anthem Slides – my metaphor for the ones covered in small print text that somebody reads out to kill everyone around). And yet, today I picked up a small technical trick that I belive will be very useful:

When you need to jump to a certain slide, just enter it’s number on the keyboard and press ‘enter’.

Well, yes, you need to know what number it is – ve haf vays of making you know!*

The info came from the Spaking about Presenting blog – here’s the link.

*Have a printout of your slides with numbers – 6 or more to a page. Lets you find out very quickly.


Pilanesberg National Park - a wonderful trip

Some very kind colleagues from our South African distributor spent a day taking us to Pilanesberg. In order to get the most out of the day before the heat became oppressive, these two guys got up at sh*t o’clock in order to pick us up just a little bit later (at 4:30 am!)…

The idea was absolutely right, though – we got there shortly after 6 and had only driven a few hundred meters in the park before we saw brown hyena and baboons. And as the day went by, lots and lots of animals. Only thing we did not see were the big cats – but the elephant family bathing and playing in the water made up for that.










What a lovely day! Thanks and thanks again to Peet & Riaan (hope I have got that spelling right)!

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Happy hippos


Or is it a hapi Hapi? ;)

Pilansberg Nat’l Park, South Africa, Oct 2008.


My candle for Lady C

Billeder 004

Autumn on it's way

A view from our bathroom window:

Billeder 001

The autumn leaves
drift by my window…



…where did all my time go?

Same way as the words, for the time being… Away.