Close Quarter Battle

When 5 players are present on that little space in a game of croquet, it becomes very vicious. The Archdeacon of Oakham had no idea about this level of viciousness when he talked about the game...

But it gave rise to " a certain player" wearing this T-shirt in Saturday's game:

The Great Picture Clearance III

Never has the clematis over the bay window looked more wonderful :)

(I'm guilty of cheating here. This picture is not old and cobwebby at all. It's from this Saturday, when Summer finally hit Denmark :))

The Great Picture Clearance II

From a - rather round - square in Nienburg, Germany. I actually don't know how the light came to show itself in these rays. Maybe I just need to polish the lens...

As an aside, Nienburg actually has an Asparagus Museum!

The Great Picture Clearance I

A few pictures have been sitting on my desktop, collecting various amounts of cobwebs. Until I was reminded by Reed that you should do The Image Thing. Once I got over feeling smug, I came to think of these pictures and decided to do something with them before they started feeling orphaned and arranged for somebody calling the social authorities.

A rather poor low-light picture from the inside of one of these - if you will excuse me - obscenely long limousines found in American cities. I might have stepped on somebody's feelings when I mumbled something like "but it's just a car with a bar..." instead of being well and truly hyped about having a ride in it.

To be fair, the bar worked fine and the driver's taste in music was impeccable (Fleetwood Mac, Earth Wind & Fire - getting old? who??). And the being with colleagues bit was fun indeed.

As to the picture, I somehow like the way the low light smudged the details. My colleagues will probably appreciate the unrecognisability, too... And the neon in the ceiling - yes, it did change colours and yes, there was a mirror too! - gives it an ambience.