January Sky

Sorry about the lamppost... ;)
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Bambi on ice...

Do you know the classic "Bambi on Ice" sequence? The one where Thumper shows Bambi how fun skating is?

I felt like that today - even doing the both parts, that is on both two and four "legs"...


I was driving into the local forest after running some errands with Castor, my dog, in the back. The drive into the parking in the forest is a little uphill - and the snow from New Year's time isn't quite done. Well, it is - to blank ice! So almost up at the parking, my wheels didn't find any traction. Whiiiiiiiiiizzzzzz....

"Oh well", slipping the gear stick into neutral, keeping the clutch down and applying the brakes. Brakes?? Well... With my foot firmly planted on the break pedal, I started sliding backwards. That is an eerie feeling and not something I am very keen on doing again. I slid 10-20 m backwards. And decided to park elsewhere.

Then I did the Thumper part. On 2 legs, that is. I don't think I'd passed round one of the casting for the part though - Thumper actuall does fine on the ice with his big feet. Maybe my feet are the same size - but I looked a lot more like Bambi! gee, it was icy!

I gave up right after standing quite still - and having my right foot staying where it was while my left foot slowly, slowly slid to the left. My splits are not what they used to be (in fact, I don't think they ever were what they used to be) - so I was left with trying to move away or gracefully tumbling over. Somehow I managed the former - less elegant but also less ridiculous, I believe.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be as popular in the annual Disnet Christmas cartoon show as Bambi. And candid camera isn't quite the same...


iPod how-to note

Just so that I remember:

Check that the iPod assigned drive letter (there is one even if it doesn't readily show up) isn't conflicting with a shared or mapped drive letter. If it does, then reassign it (may require setting the iPod as a disk drive, reassigning drive letter, removing use as drive)

Just had to, twice...

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A good music morning :)

Walking the dog this morning, I had a pleasurable serving of music from my nice new iPod :)

Jessie / Joshua Kadison
Every River / Runrig
Tea for Two / Lisa Ekdahl

Mixed, yes. But nice and quiet also :)

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