My reincarnation wish

I really do not know if I truly believe in reincarnation or not. There is more between heaven and earth and all that - but still, being reborn?

Anyway, should it happen, I firmly wish to be reborn as a cat living with a good, caring family.

And this is why:

On a Thursday late morning, that IS life... :)

[Listening to: Diana Krall - Maybe you'll be there (5:30)]


Blue hour on a winter's day

Quite nice if I may say so :) Though more blue in capture than it appeared in real life.

[Listening to: Gasolin - Masser af succes (3:35)]


Winter suddenly came

Oh, and by the way - new digital camera :)
(and I really need a tripod for this kind of stuff...)

[Listening to: Eurythmics - Winter Wonderland (3:35)]


More than 30 pieces of silver!



Winter's settling

Danish variety.

Dark, misty.

Cold. Ish.


Everything slows down. I slow down.

Rather - I slow down. Everything ought to slow down.

Everything doesn't-