Getting quicker to Christmas

Just get yourself a candle with the wick off-center:

Billeder 014.jpg

OK, you have to cut the non-melting part with a knife now and then and live with the kids yelling that it's cheating... ;)

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Testing new blogging tool

Found a link to Zoundry Raven - a quite possible contender to be my next favourite blogging tool :)

Taking it for a spin over the next few days weeks - or however long it takes with my current blogging frequency..

Looks good, though.

No pictures in this one - let's keep it simple from the start (and yet he adds tags - go figure).

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Well worn dancing shoes

It's probably a good thing that my phone camera is not very good - these shoes look even worse in real lifeā€¦


Dusty, stepped on, looks very very tired. Roughly like myself after the company Christmas do on Friday. But a h**l of a party it was!

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