Winter Wonderland - in March

March is supposed to be the first month of spring - at least when looking in the calendar.

Yet, this is how the view greeted us yesterday morning when we pulled the curtains:

When we drove to town to do some shopping, the forest was a sight to behold - complete fairyland. Narnia came to mind, although there isn't quite enough snow for that, at least.

I had a closer look at the trees in the garden...

Sharp little critters, aren't they?

[Listening to: Teahouse on the tracks - Donald Fagen (6:11)]


A grainy afternoon...

I have established that my camera phone is not the best in the world in low light conditions. I tried a couple of pictures at a party lately - but even if I did afterwards remember who'd been there (!), I literally couldn't correlate them with the grainy, blurred blobs in the pictures.

This one, however, did come out quite nicely, I think. It's from yesterday early evening - waiting for the train to town in order to get to a business dinner. The light was low but not overly (underly??) so - and I think the graininess makes it even better than had it been sharper.

And no, I didn't step on to the tracks to take the picture - don't worry :)

As to the title - apologies to Danish jazz singer Katrine Madsen whose "A rainy afternoon" I do like a lot...


A cold zebra

We went to the zoo today with a class-full of schoolkids - due to a quadruple birthday celebration.

Surprisingly many animals were out - despite the fact that most of them stem from very much warmer climates and this was a Danish winters day. Blue skies, sun - all that was fine. But the temperature probably did not crawl above the freezing point.

And a zebra on snow is just not what you usually see. Nevertheless, here is one :)

Kids and adults alike had a great day - and we've got the rosycheeks to prove it!

[Listening to: Hot Rod Heart - John Fogerty (3:26)]