Domino dancing

(All day, all day) Watch them all fall down
(All day, all day) Domino dancing

I didn’t quite see anyone dance – but I sure did feel like being stuck in the middle of a game of dominoes this morning.

The objective: Getting from home to the airport. By train.

First domino falling: A train door being cranky and not closing timely at stations. Finally it forced the train driver to come down, force it closed and lock it off. She did well, quick action and both smiles and information for anyone.

Still, 15 minutes delay – setting the carefully lined up stacks tumbling…

At Østerport, still in the train, we were standing quite some time

A train sleeps in a siding…

Turned out there was somebody falling ill – they actually called for doctors onboard the train.

I chose to get out and transfer to a regional train there insted of at the next station… Next domino didn’t quite fall but was swaying for a bit…

Train delayed for first 3 then 6 minutes. Finally got there, I got in, so far so good.

Past the next station, just before Copenhagen Main: “This train will terminate at the main station. There are currently no trains from the main station to the airport.”

Domino toppled. Swell.

Decision time: The announced bus (morning traffic), a taxi (8 people in line, not a taxi in sight) – or back two stations and the Metro? Yes…

The next domino stands there, uncertain of its near future…

Got in the Metro – had to change to the other line at Christianshavn. Except there we got the news – no Metro trains to the airport for quite some time…

Bang! The pile of dominoes makes dust fly in the air. And curses, too!

Up on the street, by some magic the next domino is kept standing by the rather swift appearance of a friendly taxi driver. Three completely otherwise unconnected people jump in.

Its getting late, for scribbling and scratching on the paper
Somethings gonna give under this pressure, and the cracks are already beginning to show
Its too late
The weekend career girl never boarded the plane

I won the bill – but no matter. We got there. And on time.

They said this could never happen again
Oh, so wrong, so wrong

I guess it won’t happen again next time. But I may opt for returning to taxis




All the colours are there now. And the weather has been showing off the foliage to its maximum benefit the last few days.

Autumn leaves

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold

Those nice lyrics by Johnny Mercer – I tend to hear them in the voice of Diana Krall…


Desktops across the net

A quick jump on the latest merry-go-round (this one stood at azahar - blinking light, merry music and all ):

Desktop Oct 9

That is the left half of a martini – the right half of it usually sits on my 2nd monitor (the laptop one, to the right of the main monitor), but my different-backgrounds-on-each-monitor solution is down the drains at the moment.

Oh, and the image is courtesy of mandolux who publishes quite a few nice images for one and more monitors. Highly recommended!



Sometimes I just do the things I do
They need to be done, that’s the way it is with things
Sometimes I feel like doing them
And then sometimes I find myself not doing them anyway

Sometimes I need to talk to a tree
Lean quietly against it and have a quiet exchange
Sometimes I don’t even think it’s strange
Though it helps when it’s dark

Sometimes music is the only thing that can put my mood right
Back where it belongs
Sometimes I know where that is

Sometimes I know who I am
Sometimes I know who I want me to be
Most of the times I probably am me
Or at least someone closely related to that

Sometimes I think about those who said that you need to know
where to go
how to go there

Sometimes I think that it must be nice to know
these things

Sometimes I think that sometimes is not enough
Sometimes I dream of being able to say
Just once in a while