Hopefully not an exercise in futility

Mail posted to Flying Blue Customer Services 2009.06.12 10:15:

I have never yet been able to purchase an upgrade to business using miles.

Reasons given has been various -

- your class of ticket does not allow an upgrade

- being referred by phone to request at the desk in the airport

- being told at the airport that I should have made the request by phone

- being told "on international flights they generally do not do mileage upgrades to business class"

On NW36, DTW-AMS June 10, I was told that no more seats were available for mileage upgrades. On the flight, 6A seemed only occupied by a bunch of pillows and newspapers. If the seat was available, why do Flying Blue policies keep me from buying an upgrade?

I believed that frequent flyer programmes should increase frequent flyers' loyalty to the airline(s) in the programme. Shouldn't benefits promised in the programme actually be available?

When flying SAS, regardless of ticket class, generally I get one of two answers: "Sorry, business class is full" (fair answer) or the seat is mine and miles are taken from my account.

With this difference in customer service, I kindly ask why you believe that a frequent flyer with more than 100,000 miles in his account should continue feel loyal to Flying Blue?

I will post the text of this Email on my weblog as well as on the FlyerTalk website. I will of course also post any replies I receive from you.

Yours sincerely,

Ole Madsen; 2021 xxx xxx

Note: I originally had a more eloquent text containing more detailed examples but the Flying Blue Email form (which seems to be the only way of writing to Flying Blue) only allows 1,500 characters.

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Blogger Titania said...

Well, did you get any reply from them? *curious*

03/07/09 08:02  

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