Rome through a lens


Forum Romanum (some of it):

The Spanish Steps:

An old wall (and a blue sky):

Handheld evening scene:



8 random things about me

Reed apparently has found me to be tagged - I have been a little too busy enjoying Rome with the family to notice. Sorry.

And after reading Aphra's as well as The Singing Librarian's and the good FtMDoctor's, here goes:

  1. I am an only child.
    You choose whether my dear parents gave up because they possibly couldn't repeat the good work or because they got scared ;) Clue: An Aunt said when she first laid eyes on me "Oh poor little you, you look like your father!"
  2. I only have one mobile phone.
    On the other hand, it's used very much!
  3. Both backpacks I have for hiking are red.
    I actually haven't used the newest one, bought in Argentina for a very decent price, yet. Look forward to doing so this summer!
  4. I drive a French car.
  5. The walls of our house are decorated with all sorts of things - from Corto Maltese and Moebius (the cartoon/Bande Dessinée one) drawings over Vaserely and own photos to Korean masks, Dutch porcelain and Australian boomerangs.
    There is still space left. Or so the Mrs say...
  6. I've been to all continents apart from Antartica.
    Mostly on business trips, sadly, so I surely have not seen what's worth seeing. But I do do what I can to get some good impressions, sights and smells wherever I go. Honestly!
  7. I like almost all food - major exception is chewy-bwadr things like squid, mussels, snails and the like. Mostly due to the texture.
  8. I like wearing a hat - but don't do it quite as mush as I would. Go figure.
    One reason is that my beloved Stetson felt hat is too warm for summer use, even in Denmark. And I haven't found a summer-compatible hat I like yet.

And I seem to have run out of tagging possibilities. Must go and persuade friends to start blogging, I think ;)

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Wall panel - for story elsewhere ;)

(elsewhere: here)

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Apple tree splendor

Mother Nature at her finest, on a very fine spring weekend:

Same, but seen from the ground and up towards an impossibly blue sky:

Ummmm... (but if all those flowers turn to apples, we'll have to open a "farm sale"...)

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