Tell me what you listen to...

...and I'll shake my head in amused silence ;)

To be fair and let you return the favour by flapping your arms with an exasperated look on your face, this is the list of music that entertained me and made me quite content and happy on the way to work this morning:

  • Never going back again, Fleetwood Mac (Rumours)
  • Similar features; Melissa Etheridge (The road less travelled; Greatest Hits)
  • Don't get me wrong; Pretenders (?)
  • Davy's on the road again, Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Watch)
  • Kayleigh, Marillion (Misplaced Childhood)
  • The best of times; Styx (Paradise Theatre)

Not much of a common theme to them - except maybe showing my age. Or can you make up a better red thread through them?



Anonymous Reed said...

Fleetwood Mac! *does a little manic dance*

I love Fleetwood Mac. And Rumours is the most fantabulous album.

02/10/06 09:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry - can't see the red thread yet - will have to think about it some more.
I spent a large part of my teens wanting to be the 'floaty' one in Fleetwood Mac - when I wasn't inventing ways to lure James Taylor to Aberdeen or perfect Marc Bolan's teardrop.
We played Rumours to bits - and I still have some of their tunes on my i-pod.

02/10/06 16:55  
Blogger Ole said...

Well - Fleetwood Mac quite simply is good...

Perfecting Marc Bolan's teardrop - now, there's a concept...

02/10/06 19:17  
Anonymous Singing Librarian said...

I'm rather fond of Fleetwood Mac as well, but don't seem to own any of their albums. My music collection mostly relates to musical theatre, but also manages to take in Puccini, Greig and Orff at one end of the spectrum and move through Frank Sinatra to Robbie Williams and The Streets. Try making sense of that!

05/10/06 22:58  

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