Remembering Marvin

This is our beautiful Marvin, just a half year ago, presiding over my desk:

He's been ours for 17 years and a bit but now we don't have him anymore...

Just today, we came back from vacation and found him dead in his beloved garden - right outside the door with the flap.

He's now resting in the back garden, with a white rose - hastily bought - at his head.

Life is tough sometimes. But at least we have lots of fond and merry memories of him.


Scout food

And did it taste good? Yummy, yummy, yummy!
(served with new potatoes and tzatziki)


One Thursday Night

A sky with the colours of a late night
Orange, blue, purple - gradually fading
down towards the quiet ocean.

On the beach it's a little windy
but the dunes offer their protection
and at their feet it's nice and quiet.

A group of friends, a team,
we're sitting in a close circle
chatting, discussing, working things out.

And while we sit there,
comfortable in each other's company,
the night is showing us it's colours
embracing us in its gentle cloak.