I haven't got a (real) clue what this is about

Getting important points across Elegantly
Yes, she certainly is
Room 205, facing the sea
Hey Nineteen. A straight link to Paris?
Passions Told Thoroughly
Not a bad thing Any of it

And another one, just arrived from the archives:

Two-ball in the corner
Words, but just not enough of them
That’s all that is available
Dream -
A little dream of me

- but it most certainly haven't been through the Aug 8 filter...


Blog designs following the fashions?

Just realised that Pantone publishes seasonal colour schemes ... !! ...


Now, I though - if you do your blogs cleverly enough, with some well thought out CSS, you could probably show your thoughts to the world in full fashion at any time.

Just a thought ;)


On writing for the web - writing well, that is

A part of my usual get the gray matter turning routine when hitting my desk is going through my bloglines feeds. Still not quite in full swing is not really an appropriate time to be hit right between the eyes

The web is a unique medium for the writer. I prefer writing for the web to writing for print. I appreciate the immediacy of the medium, and I enjoy the lack of boundaries between readers and writers. I welcome the unique set of challenges that writing for the web presents. I enjoy each moment that allows me to create new, faithful relationships with unsuspecting readers who encounter my voice.

So far, so good...

If I’ve done my job well, at least a handful of readers will indeed stay awhile.

(Please go read the rest of Gentle Reader, Stay Awhile; I Will Be Faithful by Amber Simmons - it's worth a read, I find. From A List Apart - a blog about webdesign that I enjoy*)

Oh my, I almost wish I hadn't read this. It sort of raises the bar...

I know I have this ambition to write. No, wait - more a need or a deep, deep wish than an ambition. But still, ever so often my fingertips itch to get on to the keyboard.

I must confess that much has been done merely to indulge myself, to satisfy this wish. An esay way to climb up Maslow's pyramid, so to speak.

And now this tells me to do it well? B*gger.

As we're quite far away from New Years Eve, I won't do promises. And quite a bit will probably still slip through the quality control sieve, course as it is.

But I believe that, going forward, I just may 'll have this little creature sitting peeking over my ear and squinting at the screen while I write, whispering: "Is she going to understand where you're coming from? Hey, that needs a backup, old buddy, it's far to crass on its own." And such.

And, with time, I may even end up appreciating it.

* For many reasons, but also just for the small things - as the link to add a comment that reads: "Was it good for you, too?" ;)


This way to personal improvement

It's just a 5 km walk ;)

About Bob

(pls note: Most of this will only make sense - if at all - for reasonably regular H2G2'ers...)

"For Bob's sake" or "Bob knows" are terms often used in discussions. And we even have a regular Bob, the Dinosaur.

So you may be able to see the temptation to share this:

FYI, it is a bar in Sønderborg, Denmark (southern part of Jutland).



This is Corto !!

At least, we're pretty sure of the name by now. He may be just a little bit of a villain, but a good-hearted one. And beautiful and charming, for sure!


The sea and the moon

Just had to go down there to do the photography...!

About 10-20" exposures, using the +0.7/0/-0.7 aperture setting on the camera with the self-timer to trigger the shot. And - for the second shot, me flat out in the sand to see the view through the camera ;)