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That moon looks as if it’s pasted in, doesn’t it?

(photo taken 22:09 – 10:09pm – during our recent weekend in Sweden)

Hörnan2008-06 025

Roses are red!

Roser 004

Roser 006

…or orange

Roser 003

(and yes, they do smell nice!)


Doing a presentation that sucks?

I’ve been asked to do a presentation on a products’ performance to The Big Guys. The brief is rather well-defined: Tell the story in 1–2 slides, including sales, graph(s), potentials in short and long term and conclude.

1–2 slides?

I mean, 1–2 slides ??

That will require a 9 point font, 16 lines per slides and charts squeezed into corners.

Not something I know how to wrestle myself to do. I tend to put some pride in presenting well – and everything I know about cognitive models yells that this is not what I want to do.

But if top brass have gotten so used to seeing stuff this way (*shudder*) and as they’re going to get the material in advance to prepare on – is that what I have to do anyway?

I believe I will force myself to compromise quite heavily in what I believe is the wrong direction – I’ll have to use more than two slides but I’ll make myself force enough information on each to keep it down to a (in their terms) acceptable minimum of slides.

No 10-20-30 rule here...


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Pet office peeves

Just grrrr’d over one of mine: Sending a document to the printer, walking out there – hmmm, it’s out of paper.

Then, after reloading, the rest (something like the 90% left) of somebody’s huge printjob starts rolling off. In colour and both-sides-of-the-paper print. And 16 copies.


What’s your favourite office peeve(s)?


Northern nights


Taken around 22:20 (10:20 pm) on Saturday evening near the wife-family’s house in Sweden. Not a wind in the evenings, still warm enough for shorts and then the light…

This guy also loved it up there!

Hörnan2008-06 012

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