Summer at last

So it's "enjoy it while it's here"...

Bike to work this morning - 15-17-18 km, whatever. Bl**dy marvellous, it was too - early morning forest sights and smells, sunrays caught in lakes and ponds, legs feeling good most of the way - only one minor crisis 'crawling' out of the forest before crossing Vasevej.

Even positive about the outlook of the return trip! Whaddayasay... :)

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Blå Sommer 2004 - drawing to an end

And I miss being there for the closing big bang ceremony - and the traditional last night bonfires. *sigh*

Blå Sommer 2004: Ending...

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Back from where?

Here...just to be exact:

The circle marks our camp - at the far end of the heavens ("Himlen").

Photo credit:
Erik Gunst Lund, Det Danske Spejderkorps; download original here

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Trying to get started again.

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Away for Blå Sommer

I'll be here for the next week... :)

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Home again...

A week of clouds, a little rain, lots of wind and also sun enough to redden faces and arms.

Vacation is nice :)


Weather inquiry

Could we have some summer then, please?

I have checked the met office website - no complaints phone number listed...

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Being early at work

is indeed a strange experience.

I mean - you have to start the coffee, there' strangely quiet in the corridors.

I even got some work done...

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Well done, Greece?

So - you have to give the Greek football team credit for winning the Euro 2004. Hats off.

But I also have to say that I certainly do not hope that the Greek model is going to be the inspiration for too many teams. The final game simply wasn't any fun to look at - in the end, Portugal weren't able to create a seeworthy match - obviously to a great part because of the Greek's well organised defense - and the Greek just wouldn't. I saw one very good detail from Greece - a lob from the right side into the box - a move that could have deserved a better fate.

But compared to what inspiring football that has been shown from Portugal, the Czech Republic, Holland, England - and even at times my own side, Denmark - the Greek style is to praise only for the results it has created.

(And even if Rehhagel claimed to be playing attack football because defenders scored and got penalties awarded it just wasn't fun to look at...!)

Just think if every side played a "we'll rather play well and entertaining and loose 5-3 than boring and win 1-0 after a dreadful game" kind of football. It would be fantastic to look at - and there would be two winners: The team winning the final - and all the football fans :)

Just my - personal - 2 cents worth...

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A poetic vein

...is not something I'm usually accused of having ;)

Others do, however. And when you combine it with the ongoing Euro 2004 football tournament (that's soccer to any Americans...), the results can be great. Here's an excerpt referring to my side:

"Carlsberg's a drink for the Danes
To drink it means terrible pain
When you fall off your chairs
Or tumble down stairs
'cos a few make you terribly caned."

Full umpteen-verse limerick on H2G2.

Applause to Egon for putting it together while watching the second semi-final!

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A spin from home

Had to try, didn't I?

Next thing will be to check out this music library sharing thingy that iTunes can... :)

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More and more advanced :)

Taking iTunes - the player, not the shop as it's not come to my shores yet - for a spin.

And discovering True Interactivity - most likely that'll be ™'d by someone if it isn't already - by having an automatic link from iTunes to here.

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Bloggar test

Just saw the w.bloggar tool listed - as usual had to try.


  • Just had to... ;)

  • Nice with an opportunity to generate posts offline & post them whenever that's convenient

  • The option of the WMP Blogger plugin

Alas, the last one doesn't work on my w**k W2K platform. *sigh*

Might be time to look at iTunes and/or Winamp, then...