Reload 07 - Scouting's 100 years celebrated in Denmark

A big, big event - 10,000+ Danish scouts from all the scouting organisations. Together doing activities on a grander scale tham usual under the theme "mod på mere" which translates to both "we want more" and "courage for more".

So there were Guiness book of record attempts:
* 37 people did 2080 square knots in 10 minutes
*'Oh Boogie Woogie..." danced for 600+ people

As well as 50 scouts pulling a large truck 40 meters on time (can be done in less than 20 seconds), massive pillow fights for 1000 people at the time, mud rugby, orienteering races in Roskilde city in shopping carts - etc etc.

The first aid/accident post is a classic in scouting events - here it was large and more realistic than usual:

Two accident trials side-by-side, the one at left involving a bus and a car, with "wounded" passengers (they did look awfully realistically wounded!) and rescuing passengers out of a smoke-filled bus.

And at the end of all those activities, we marched from the city centre to the nearby area known also for hosting the Roskilde Festival - car drivers wanting to cross our route had to wait for a while as the parade must have been 500 meters long or more...

Just a small part of the parade in the pedestrian street in Roskilde. Both green (the KFUM - Christian - scouts) and blue (Danish Guide & Scouting Organisation) scouts in view :)

(Actually, what I think is nice, the 5 Danish scout organisations also run a common website)

All ended with a "campfire deluxe" - a big show on the stage with the Reload scouting song, music from Danish scouting band BP Spirit and Danish cover band "Robbie Williams Jam". And the hugest fireworks seen in those parts for a while sent us off to the smaller, more classical camp fires around in the area where we could rejoice, sing and swap scouting stories into the wee hours.


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A new honourable intention

I know that "The road to hell is paved with good intentions", even though it may not be Samuel Johnson who said it.

But this one seems to merit a good look-at: The Personal MBA (see the PMBA Manifesto).

More - I hope - when I've pondered.

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I think that's quite OK :)

Your English Skills:

Grammar: 80%

Punctuation: 80%

Spelling: 80%

Vocabulary: 20%

As usual, a quiz I found by way of azahar.
I'd admit that I did some guessing on the words - neither of which I'd ever seen before (and I'm rather calm about them as I don't think I will see them again...). The 80% in the three other categories I am quite content with, Dane and non-original English speaking as I am :)

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A name for a flower?

I'm sure some of my botanically gifted friends will know. So that I might impress Mrs SG V by saying more than "a flower of the red/orange/yellow family" ;)