Chicago by Night

This picture came out rather well, methinks :)

Tech stuff:
HP R707; camera rested on the bridge railing, auto timer to take the picture in order to avoid shakes.
AE bracketing +/ 0.7 f-stops to overcome the automatic being fooled by too much/too little light.

[Listening to: I'm Not In Love - 10CC (6:01)]


I'm still here...

One of this posts that, admittedly, will not make the whole Internet quiver with tension and barely contained joy. So why's it here?

Pick any number of the following reasons:

  • I needed to test if I could still remember my password
  • I was bored stiff and couldn't find any other remotely funny things to do
  • Do they really require a word verification for all posts on Blogger?
  • Towards the end of the workday, my brain had melted down so vaguely uninteresting writing was all I could muster energy for
  • I needed to convince myself I was alive and I'm so sadly geeky that I do that by checking my blog

<>The most correct answer will be a mix of parts of most of them< /whisper >