Travel-ling pictures

That is, pictures while travelling - a couple of out-of-airplane-window ones and a rather surrealistic one from the Copenhagen Metro...

200901- 001_small.jpg


200901- 003_small.jpg

Windmill farm outside Copenhagen

200901- 008_small.jpg

The bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö. Yes, it is finished - but the last bit's a tunnel...

200901- 024_small.jpg

Hurling into the tunnel. Magrathea anyone? ;)

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OpenID Aphra Behn said...

Each of those is superb.

09/02/09 01:56  
Blogger Ole said...

Thanks. After some thought I am particularily happy with the windmill one.

11/02/09 11:19  
Blogger Monica said...

absolutely surreal, that hurling into the tunnel one

12/04/09 21:12  

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