Presentation planning

Just as this has been discussed lately – here’s the current status of my next major presentation, a two-hour training presentation week after next:

(lousy quality again, I know – blame Nokia ;)

Please note: No software involved yet – I’ll be refining this a little more before I fire up PowerPoint.

All references in the following are to presentation styles presented in this summary article.

Once I do, the slides – I hope – will be made in a mix of -

  • assertion-evidence slides (for sure)

  • Presentaion Zen slides (should be able to pull these off at least for section headings)

  • a little Lessig 2.0 to start off with when I present myself (a requirement of the format and the style is chosen as I’m having mid afternoon, some time after lunch, with a bunch of listeners with jetlag – in other words, some wake-up effect is in order)

  • and, maybe if I can make it work and it flows well with the rest, a comic character in style with the “Brain Rules” frog.

Erm. When looking at it, it seems like some kind of shopping list… I might stick to it or decide that it’s over the top as I get near D-Day.


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