This is good news

Surely, the car bombs in the UK were not good news.

What was, as obviously, was that through a mixture of luck, bomb-maker fumbling and police work, they didn't go off.

I think this is even better news: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/6275772.stm

It's been puzzling me for some time that every one says that "90-awholelot % of muslims living in (insert your country) are nice, quiet, law abiding citizens who do not agree with the riff-raff responsible for these abominable acts" - yet, the 90-odd percent are very quiet about it, unless you're lucky enough to witness one of them put in front of a television camera lens and confronted with the question by a journalist.

(To be fair, I have heard a few individuals give very solid statements to the fact that they certainly do not agree with the terrorism - but en bloc, not really.)

Which is why I salute these ads. Finally, large groups - note the plural! - publicly denounce these acts. And, even better, does so by quoting the Koran.

Go, Muslims United!

A side thought:

This comes to public knowledge through paid-for advertising. Shouldn't it be a front page story all by itself, one the newspapers were scrambling to get in exactly their newspaper, one they'd rejoyce in having written?

Is part of the problem that the press - maybe, sadly, rightly - believes that sensations sell best and that bad things are better sensations?

(OK, it's a pet topic of mine - IMHO, the press has to a rather large degree suppressed their responsability as "the 4th power" in favour of making money.)

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Anonymous Sol said...

On a related note, there is also some new campaign around to counteract the radicalness of some clerics with what they are calling a 'roadshow' of moderate clerics travelling up and down the country.

Anyway, the reason I mention it is because they had a former radical turned moderate muslim on and one of the journalists asked him whether he thought it was right that this should be a government sponsored thing, that perhaps the governement should stay out of it and let it be a more grassroots thing.

What I liked was his response: that contrary to what he'd used to believe, not everything the governement did was necessarily wrong.

The journalist looked absolutely horrified. I laughed a lot.

29/07/07 18:11  

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